RIM Environmental is a Division of Richards Industrial Microbiology, Incorporated. Richards Industrial Microbiology is owned and operated by Ann and Dean Richards. Richards Corporation was founded 30 years ago as a medical laboratory and currently employees 62 people in 4 states. The Environmental Division was started 20 years ago when Dean and Robert Richards began using their experience to Bioremediate hazardous materials that had been released into the environment. The Environmental Division has 10 employees, including 3 Ph.D. Microbiologists that work under the direction of Dean and Robert Richards. Richards Corporation also supports a full time environmental laboratory division to serve the needs of the regulated public. Much of the laboratory’s work is spent performing routine testing and monitoring of waste water treatment plants, public water systems, swimming pool water, food and dairy products and supporting the reporting requirements of RIM Environmental clients.

RIM Environmental clients include several oil and gas exploration and production companies for the treatment of contaminated water and soils as well as various underground storage tank site owners for consulting services that encompass tank removal, underground storage tank site cleanup, tank monitoring, industrial waste water producers, other environmental consulting firms, food manufacturing firms and various banks and lending institutions. RIM has successfully closed 10 underground storage tank sites in the State of Utah. RIM Environmental also has extensive experience in pretreatment of industrial waste water, grease trap treatment, oil water separator sludge treatment and treatment of pesticide, glycol, methanol, oil and explosive contaminated soils and water. RIM Environmental has become a full service environmental firm that can handle any of the needs its clients may have on environmental issues.

RIM specializes in environmental microbiology with its approach to solving environmental cleanup issues. RIM also utilizes other technologies, such as bioventing and vapor extraction in cleanup.

Our main concern is our clients, ensuring that they have complete information when dealing with the regulatory community and for protecting their valuable resources.

Please contact our office to discuss any of your environmental consulting needs or just drop by and visit our office and laboratory in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

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