We provide custom bacterial cultures (liquid or dried) to meet your specific needs. For instance we have cultures that metabolize gasoline (and similar hydrocarbon) even with free product present. We have cultures that metabolize TCE, benzene, tolulene, xylenes, napthlylenes, trinitrotoluene, PETN, phenol, various petroleum hydrocarbons, paraffins, short chain waxes, starches, protiens and a wide variety of refinery wastes.

Methanol Test strips:

These provide a quick (two minute) procedure to detect methanol in hydrocarbon contaminated wastes streams (such as produced water). The range of detection is from 25 ppm to 800 ppm.

Here are photographs of the test strip during the testing of methanol in produced water.

Here is an example showing 100 ppm methanol in the test water.

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