Grease Trap Service and Maintenance

Municipal waste water treatment plants in the United States today have recognized food grease as a major factor included in industrial flows from the food processing industry. Because of this problem, many of the local waste water jurisdictions have placed requirements on these grease produces to collect or pre-treat this waste product before it reaches the municipal wastewater treatment plant.

Properly designed and installed grease traps have become the pretreatment method of choice. Grease traps, if not properly installed and maintained, can become a health and safety issue in a relatively short amount of time. The nuisance created by a grease trap that is not maintained properly can be reflected by loss of business due to odors or regulatory action by local health authorities. Disposal of grease by pumping is becoming more difficult because of increased regulations and fewer places to dispose of the colleted grease. Biological removal of grease from grease traps is an excellent alternative to pumping.

RIM Environmental produces a number of high quality grease degrading organisms designed to degrade a wide variety of grease produced from food service establishments. The organisms when added to a properly designed and installed grease trap, removes grease from the trap, thereby reducing the frequency for scavenger services needed typically, from monthly to annually.

RIM personnel can help you develop protocols for protecting your grease trap from substances, that you may be adding to your wastewater stream that can hamper biological activity in the trap. RIM can ship these organisms to you or you can join the facilities that enjoy routine maintenance visits from RIM personnel. Contact us today so we can help you design a grease control system that will save you time and money.

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